It has been on my mind for a while to share with everyone what I'm up to as I jump from gig to gig... and when I'm not gigging. Sure, I could rely on Facebook updates, well filtered Instagram posts, and the occasional Tweet. But I would rather provide some banter that isn't solely based on the performances I'm preparing for, the venues I'm working in, or the areas I'm traveling to. 

Confession: I hate the word "blog". I think it sounds clumsy and kind of stupid. Hence why I called this section "By Sam" which I will fully admit to stealing from Hilary Hahn's website. Speaking of Ms. Hahn, she's also a huge inspiration behind me writing this section of my website. If you look at Hahn's YouTube channel, it's packed not with videos of her performing, but rather her greeting her fans from various countries, talking about pieces, talking to composers and other artists, and generally just being human. Like an attempt to remind the public that her life isn't a single dimension of performance art. 

Really I want a place where I can share the nonperformance highlights of my life. I love food so be prepared for lots of descriptions of local cuisine. I am an avid people watcher so I'm sure tales from public transportation, cab rides, and flights will make many appearances. I am fascinated by artistic culture at every level. How people prepare, how they interact, the expectations set by groups and individuals that are both voiced and unvoiced, how artists change between rehearsal and performance. If I can look past my own bias, it's a beautiful thing to observe whether it fits in with my own thoughts or not. 

So what am I doing now? I'm sitting at the dining table of my hosts in Dublin where the sky is remarkably sunny (Don't lie, Mother Nature. We know where we are and that this sunny disposition you've taken on won't last the day!) and drinking a lot of coffee. Did I mention that coffee is one of those subjects that will come up a lot. The first step is admitting you have a problem... or whatever. I have nothing scheduled today so my plan is to visit my favorite yarn shop in Dublin, The Constant Knitter, probably find some more coffee, and walk for as long as the weather holds out. *Update: I just scheduled an audition in Amsterdam for next Friday and they've asked for rep I don't readily have on hand so I'll be spending the majority of the day deciding what to sing!* This evening I am headed to a pub where my host's father will be part of a trad session. He's a brilliant mandolin player and I'm stoked to finally see him live in action and not just playing in the living room (which is still amazing to watch and hear). Tomorrow we're out early to head for Northern Ireland to perform for the final night of the BBC Proms! Just writing out those words is a little mind blowing to me.

Now that I've finally sat down and written out what I deem to be a mediocre at best post, I shall post it and let the world decide if it wants to read it. Or like it. I'll be over here sipping coffee.